Project management

The Project Department is structured in response to the needs of the public sector, the business and the civil organizations for access to financing and participation in various programmes for finance aid granting as a part of the structural and social policy of the European Union.

There are diverse possibilities for financing through the European funds and programmes. Various programmes have been put into place to support business, the non-governmental sphere, and the public administration. Different kinds of activities can be financed under each of them, such as:

  • Modernization of the infrastructure:  construction and repair work, purchasing of machinery, inventory and technical equipment
  • Introduction of innovation and energy efficiency measures
  • Improvement of the city environment and the municipal infrastructure
  • Management of human resources and working environment
  • Development and implementation of management systems
  • Environmental protection
  • Strengthening of the administrative capacity

Each programme and separate funding scheme contains specific requirements to the eligible applicants, to the kinds of activities that can be funded and to the contents of the application documents. Understanding the variety of programmes, schemes, requirements and specific instructions takes a lot of time and resources which you can save yourselves if you turn to us.

Selection of an appropriate grant scheme.

If you are not able to decide which programme best serves your purposes, we will support you and give you all the information you need to make your final choice. Our experts will arrange a meeting with you to establish the basic parameters of your business or non-profit activity.

We will collect the necessary information regarding the economic field and scope of your activity and the idea you would like to receive funding for.

After this meeting we will inform you about the suitable grant scheme for which you could apply, and the expected date of opening of the project submission procedures under such schemes. We will also include you in the registry of potential beneficiaries, which means that we will inform you about each scheme that is suitable for your business or non-profit activity.

Drafting of a project proposal.

We will explain to you exactly what kind of documents and what kind of contents for these documents you must draft and collect in order to fulfill the requirements of the programme, and we will put your project idea in an application form and create a budget according to the requirements of the selected programme.  

Management and accounting of an approved project.

If your project has been approved and you have concluded a contract for a grant, you undoubtedly have a reason to be happy; the actual success, however, does not come before the project is implemented and accounted for – it is only then that you will receive the full amount of the grant for which you have applied. The implementation and accounting of projects is difficult for the beneficiaries because they are not able to fully understand the requirements of the programme managing institutions.

We will support you at each stage of the implementation of the project and in its financial accounting, regardless of whether the project proposal has been drafted by us, by other consultants or by you. With our help you will be able to implement your project idea in such a way that you achieve the set goals in compliance with all formal requirements of the programme, so that you can receive the full amount of the grant you have applied for without any hindrances.

Our knowledge of the processes of project proposing and implementation is based on personal contacts and exchange of experience with the relevant specialized programme and project management bodies. This provides us with the possibility to offer you a fruitful cooperation and competent support in the process of achievement of your goals and development endeavors.

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