About us

Founded in 1994, Degree Consulting Ltd. is a company specializing in three main areas – legal services, development, and implementation of management systems according to ISO standards and development and project management under international and local programs financing public sector, business, and non-governmental organizations.

We believe that we are among those who want to make the world a better place. We are sure that our clients and partners are following this path with us. Among them we look for similar minded people and find friends.

Our style is to listen carefully, to sense problems and to answer questions accurately, completely, and comprehensively.

OUR BENCHMARKS as lawyers, consultants, and experts




We highly value the achievements of science, the opinion of our clients and the lessons of our own past – these are our teachers.

Information is the fuel for our business. To protect this information, we comply with legal requirements and are accountable to our customers and partners. Under our management system, we have an established policy to protect information from unauthorized alteration, loss, damage, or unauthorized use.

During the implementation of the services, the consulting team may have access to sensitive information about the activities of our clients, containing business secrets, personal data, or other confidential information. We understand the value of this information and are committed to protecting it.

We provide all our services in accordance with the implemented and certified system for quality management and information security according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2022 standards. Our aim is to constantly improve our management system to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Our credo is morality, the rule of law, social responsibility, and the commitment to the environment.

To grow together with our customers, partners, and friends!