The legal office is the oldest structural unit of Degree Consulting. With its establishment in 1994 the company focused its activity in the field of legal consulting based on the principles of professionalism, discretion, loyalty, expediency and accuracy of the rendered services.

The basis on which the office builds its expertise is commercial law which settles the legal framework, the regulations and a large part of the tools for the successful development of each company.

In order to meet and satisfy more completely the requirements of our clients and in order to reveal to them the comprehensive environment in which they construct and improve their business, we gradually expanded the scope of our professional services with view to provide timely, accurate and complete information, to solve cases and to offer legal services in each field of interest of our clients.

Following this conception, we built expertise in most of the legal fields that accompany and regulate the rich palette of activities of our clients – commercial transactions, investment projects, real estate, licenses and concessions, intellectual property, competition, consumer rights, advertisement content, public tender procedures, public relations, tax protection.

By building, maintaining and constantly updating such comprehensive legal expertise we are able not only to respond directly to our clients’ questions, but also to direct their attention to all possible relevant aspects, common grounds and consequences of the subject that might influence the growth of their business.