ISO 14001 is a standard establishing the requirements towards the management of the environment. The system is introduced by organizations striving at reducing the harmful impact of their activities on the environment to the minimum. The achievement of this standard is a result of constant compliance with the legal requirements, with the voluntarily settled impact frameworks, with the introduction of controlling regulations and mechanisms and active internal and external communication.

The standard determines the requirements to the environment management system, which can be integrated, with other management requirements in order to help the organizations to achieve both their economical purposes and their environment-related purposes.

The observation and measurement of the main characteristics of the processes helps in view of the improvement of such processes in terms of their impact on the environment.

The certified environment management systems minimize the risk of environmental incidents. This creates premises for avoiding administrative penalties, determining lower insurance premiums, ensuring more trust in third stakeholders, partners and investors and a stable presence on the European and world market.