In Degree Consulting we highly appreciates the trust of our clients. Once gained, it has to be confirmed and developed. Therefore, having conducted a thorough analysis of the needs of our clients, we decided to expand the scope of the services we render. After 2001 we established a second unit specialized in consulting and training of organizations from the private and the public sector in connection with the establishment and implementation of management systems under the following standards from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) series.

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment Management Systems)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Systems)
  • ISO 20000 (Information Technologies. Service Management Systems)
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems)

Our main ambition is to turn the management systems created and introduced with our support into a crucial factor for raising the competitiveness and the potential and organizational sustainability of our clients in the context of the set purposes, namely to improve the quality of their product, to ensure awareness of the environmental aspect and the human factor, to guarantee the safety of the information they work with.

In the rendering of our services we have committed ourselves to close the entire cycle that our clients need: consulting – training and implementation of management systems – auditing of the systems and issuing of a certificate by an accredited and internationally acknowledged certifying body.

We guarantee to our clients that, in the end, they will succeed in creating a duly certified adequate management system under the sole condition that they offer their responsible cooperation to us. Our clients are free to choose their certifying body. In the process of selection of a certifying body we provide them with accurate and reliable information so as to make their choice easier.